Frequently Asked Question.

How far in advance should I request the reservation?

You can request the reservation 1 weeks in advance. In case of marriages the minimum is 2 weeks in advance, subject to availability.

In what format will I receive the fotos?

You will receive the fotos in JPEG format. I do not send the fotos either in RAW, or in other formats.

When will I receive the fotos?

 Normally in 10 days for individual and family foto sessions, and in 3 weeks for marriage foto sessions. But the time can be increased depending on the load (not for more than one week).

How will I receive the fotos?

You will receive the fotos with a private digital gallery.

Is it possible to do the foto session in a nearby Barcelona?

Yes, it is possible. But that has an additional 15% surcharge of the selected package or payment of the fare in case of a large removal of the foto session location.

Do you have any recommendations about place of foto session and how to dress for the foto session?

I recommend dressing in pastel colors, avoiding very bright colors that can distract attention. The style depends on the concept of the foto session, but it should be common to all photographed. I recommend using no more than 3-4 colors for all participants. But it all depends on the style of the photo shoot and the expectation of the results.

What should I have on the foto session?

I recommend to take a bottle with of water, hygienic personal things.

Do you have your own fotostudio?


I don’t have my own studio.  If you are interested in the foto session in a studio, rent of  the studio is not included in my price list and is paid separately of my servise.  

I can help in choosing a foto studio, but I don’t book foto studios myself.

How much does a foto session cost?


Tariff “Ultra”: about 2 hour, 1 location, all good fotos in colour (min.45) (skin / colour retouch)  — 200 euro

Tariff “Optima”:  about 1 hour, 1 location, all good fotos in colour (min. 35) (skin / colour retouch)  — 150 euro

Tariff “Fast”: 1 hour, 1 location, all good fotos in colour (min.25) (skin / colour retouch)  — 100 euro

Product/brand foto: 1 hour in the place we discus. Up to 25 fotos of your product in colour correction — 100 euro

Wedding: the payment is hourly. from 2 hours.  Up to 50 fotos in colour correction — 100 euro/hour.

Stag / Hen night —  the payment is hourly, all good fotos in colour (min.25/hour) — 100 euro/hour.